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The Animal Series at Meat Market

The Animal Series at Meat Market – Showcasing Paddock to the Plate dining experiences.

On Thursday the 12th July The Meat Market in South Wharf kick-started their Animal Series with Seppelt & Borrowdale Free Range Pork Dinner. There were 24 guests who were all very excited to #eatmeetrepeat.

As the evening began guests were greeted with a marvelous glass of Seppelt Sparkling Shiraz and a pig head croquette with sauce gribiche. The combination of the sparking and the croquette was a culinary delight to our taste buds with everyone having seconds.

As we made our way to the table we were greeted by our host Terry and the Executive Chef of Meat Market Malcolm. Both Terry and Malcolm seemed very excited to give us the rundown of the evening as well as introduce the team from Seppelt; Alistair and Shaun. The night then proceeded with the origins of Seppelt and learning all the inside knowledge of how their wine was made and what made it such a great combination with the food we were about to eat.

Our dining experience began with twice-cooked pork belly with a Panella, lime, anise and black pepper caramel and wilted mustard greens. This was matched with the Seppelt Great Entertainer Chardonnay. As we ate our entrees and chatted away Alistair and Shaun walked around answering questions about wine with Malcolm speaking about the recipe. It was definitely a highlight being able to speak with the chefs and the wine suppliers about the produce.

After our entrée, Alex from Borrowdale Free Range Pork spoke to us about the different parts of pork we were able to use and how to best cook each section. For someone with a queasy stomach, this was the part I was most nervous about however it proved to be the standout of the evening. Not only did we come away with multiple amazing new recipes we are also much more conscious about the products we are eating and where it come from. Alex proved to be very passionate about his work and his passion was shared with all guests.

As Alex finished his demonstration it was back to the dynamic duo Shaun and Alistair to show us why the wines were so perfectly matched with our dinner. We were served a cider roasted pork rack with jazz apple puree, charred witlof, fennel jam and leatherwood carrots. Every single plate was clean by the end. This delicious main was served with Seppelt ‘One Mile Drive’ Shiraz. By this point in the evening, everyone felt as though they were old friends and the conversations were flowing about good food and good wine.

As the night came to an end we were served Meat Markets famous rhubarb and vanilla cheesecake with date cocoa crumb and hibiscus syrup. This was matched with my personal favorite Seppelt “St Peters’ Shiraz. Everyone was then asked which wine they liked the best to finish the night off. It is safe to say there was nothing but full tummies leaving the event.

The Meat Market specialises in paddock to the plate dining and this event really showcased just how fantastic they are at it. The whole purpose of the animal series it to expand your taste buds, gain knowledge in the produce used and most important to support our local farmers and winemakers. I would highly recommend the animal series to any and every person. It is a fantastic evening that is sure to excite even the fussiest of eaters.

A huge thank you to all the team at Meat Market, Seppelt Wines and Borrowdale Free Rang Pork for making this event possible. I will be sure to grab my tickets to the next one Wynns and Saltgrass Lamb Dinner on the 17th August.

To see just how fun the evening was check out our Instagram sw_restaurants and watch the highlight – Animal Series.

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