Planning made perfect!

When organizing an event, planning is key. Time and time again we see customers and clients stressing out days before an event because they have not adequately planned, not realising the importance of planning in advance for their function.

We want to help you reduce your stress and help you plan your event properly! Here’s a list of questions you should ask to ensure your planning process is made easy!

  1. Why are you having your event? What is your purpose? Do you want to celebrate an occasion? Thank your team for all their hard work? Have a new product to launch? Once you have a reason the rest is easy.
  2. How many guests are you having? Who are your guests? Create a guest list well in advance so you can invite your guests and you know what type of numbers you are working with. This will also help further down when you are organizing your menu selections or a door list.
  3. Budget? Your budget is very important. There are 2 ways you can work out your budget. 1 – How much do you want to spend per person? Work out a per person cost based on food and beverage and this becomes your budget? 2 – How much do you want to spend overall? Work out a number then break this into food, drinks, entertainment and incidentals. Having a budget will make planning for your event that much easier. Also when working with venues and event organizers let them know your budget as that will enable them to provide you with better options that are suited to your event!
  4. Style of event? Are you wanting a sit down function, cocktail function or a special event? Having a style of event will enable you to choose the right venue.
  5. Location? Melbourne is full of amazing venues. If you can narrow down a suburb or a few suburbs it will help you to narrow your searching time.
  6. List your special requirements? Do you want live entertainment? Public Transport? Accommodation? Do you need AV? Having a list of special requirements will again make it easier to narrow down your venue as well as ensure you have a realistic budget.
  7. Pick a date. For small events under 50 pax we recommend a month prior to your event. For anything larger we recommend 2 + months. This will ensure you have enough time to send out invites and have everything sorted well in advance.


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