Connect with cooking: Network & bond over the joy of food.

South Wharf Restaurants are more than just a group of unique restaurants. We are setting a precedent in fine dining and constantly thinking outside the box. We believe that with amazing food should come and amazing experience.

On Friday 27th April we took our executive chef off site to cook up a feast for a leading corporate company. On the 9th floor overlooking Melbourne’s CBD it was a fantastic networking function for 2 recently combined companies. The combined groups had 50 employees who they were eager to introduce to each other. The owners were worried that if they left the office many employees would opt out. They wanted something different as well as a talking point. A solution? We came to them!

Paella is a favorite dish of many around the world. Not only did we serve up a tasty treat but also tought everyone the art of Paella. Many attendees were surprised to learn you do not stir paella once the rice is it. After an hour of chatting cooking and learning guests enjoyed large portions of Paella served from our own chef. By the end of the cooking demonstration two groups had become one.

It was a great opportunity for us to get to know our local businesses and for them to get to know us and what we are able to achieve. The Q & A with the executive chef and getting inside knowledge from a such a seasoned pro into cooking was a highlight for all the guests.

South Wharf Restaurants as a group have one the best working teams with exceptionally talented and creative staff who love what they do. We always come up with a creative solution to any problems and enjoy coming up with new ideas to share our passion for food and events.

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Eliza Lane

South Wharf Restaurants Function Manager

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