Activating The Promenade

The South Wharf Promenade combines Conference and Exhibition spaces, multiple Hotels, signature event venues, and a range of bars and restaurants. But the real uniqueness of this destination is the ability to combine all these venues together, and activate one impressive precinct for large scale events.

With a number of venues so close such as Akachochin, Bangpop, Plus 5, Cargo Hall, Meat Market, Boho, Common Man and Showtime Events Centre, this allows the whole precinct to be used for events & conferences.

Situated next to Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Promenade activation’s are a popular choice. It allows delegations coming from the centre to have an offsite venue, without having to board buses and public transport to other locations.

There are not many spaces in Melbourne that can cater for these sorts of groups, in the inner city, and with so many flexible options. To find out more about activating the Pop Up patch or South Wharf Promenade for your next event for your next event – contact us!

Promenade Activations – PAX 2018

The Penny Arcade Expo, most commonly known as PAX is the biggest gaming convention to be held in Australia.

Each year in October the event is held within the Melbourne Exhibition Center, with tens of thousands of gamers attending, most in full costume as their favourite game character.

The success of the event has seen the Expo swell onto the South Wharf Promenade with a series of incredible activations, VIP events, and every restaurant offering a special ‘PAX’ themed menu. It’s one the highlights of the year as the promenade really comes alive.

Street Food Festival

Throughout the day various marquees were erected on the Common Man Lawn adjacent to the Yarra River and decorated with the names of various streets across Asia. The space was designed and styled to create an intimate setting in the large outdoor space, while also making the most of the summer sunlight.

As attendees began to settle in and have the opportunity to network in a casual setting they began to cut-loose, creating a vibrant and upbeat ambience with musicians playing some classic covers. By the time the sun began to recede over the promenade, guests had all formalities out of the way, they had made quick work of the roving canapés and done well at each of the seven internationally influenced food stalls. It was party time.


Common Man are becoming famous for their local Super bowl party, activating the promenade as one giant outdoor beer garden.

With a gigantic screen and purpose built sound system to entertain the almost 500 guests that descend on to South Wharf, they also cater with traditional American food and drinks.

The outdoor grills churn out a selection of ribs and burgers, and the bars are stocked with an impressive range of American beers. This event has now sold out two years running, and 2020 Common Man is promising to go even bigger!

Pop Up Cinema

Common Man are well known for thier outdoor cinema that pops up every summer out on the Common Man Lawn.  

With a gigantic screen and purpose built sound system to entertain, as well as the option to pre-purchase different food and drink packages that can be enjoyed while watch the latest movie. 

Film buffs can also enjoy a drink or two at the outdoor bar which is also equipped with popcorn and candy! Stay tuned to see the Cinema in 2020.